Client Testimonials

"Howard Gaffin is an expert in his field. He is a top notch arborist and is also willing to listen to the land-owner's desires and is able to cooperate to achieve mutually satisfactory results."

N. Grigg
- Boxford, MA


As owner of a small consulting business, I am involved in all aspects of tree care including removal, preservation, and installation. The benefit of experience has given me valuable insight in matters of tree care. Below are pictures from the wide variety aspects of tree care that I have been a part of through the years.

  • Clients

    We are but stewards of the trees on our properties. Tree care is a long term commitment. I have had some long term relationships with many of my clients. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Diagnosing and Treating Tree Troubles

    Many disease and insect disorders are host specific. Proper diagnosis and an understanding of the pests' or pathogens' life cycle are critical to prescribing treatment.

  • Equipment

    While not exactly state of the art, our equipment is well maintained and ready to work.

  • Cable and Brace

    A few examples of tree support systems can be viewed here.

  • Planting

    Planting a ball and burlapped beech tree.

  • Pruning

    A small slice of the types of pruning projects performed over the years seen here.

  • Removals

    While tree preservation is our primary focus, tree removal is often part of the job. Images of removals done over the years can be seen here.

  • Root and Soil Issues

    It's all about the landscape underground. Many tree health issues are root and soil related. Some commonly seen examples here.