Client Testimonials

"Howard Gaffin is an expert in his field. He is a top notch arborist and is also willing to listen to the land-owner's desires and is able to cooperate to achieve mutually satisfactory results."

N. Grigg
- Boxford, MA


Sometimes, an unbiased, educated and professional opinion is desired. From an informal walk thru, to a detailed report, a consulting arborist can offer clear comprehensive information regarding the value, management and potential liability of your trees and shrubs.


While establishing a value on a tree or landscape can be challenging, it may become necessary when a tree has been wrongfully removed or injured. A consulting arborist can utilize accepted industry guidelines that can be implemented to determine a reasonable appraised monetary value for plants.

Risk Assessments

When trees grow near structures or areas of heavy vehicle and foot traffic, it may become important to assess their structural and physiological condition. A risk assessment can give you a better understanding of potential hazards. A consulting arborist can help you decide if removal of a tree is necessary, or if measures can be taken to abate the risk to an acceptable level.

Diagnosing Tree Disorders

There are many factors that can cause problems in trees. Poor cultural practices, along with insect, disease, and abiotic disorders can individually or collectively cause tree decline. A consulting arborist can diagnose problems and provide the necessary information on treatment options.

Management Plans

If you have many trees on your property, a management plan is a good tool to help allocate resources where they are needed most. A consulting arborist can provide a plan that will identify the trees on your property, along with treatment options and levels of priority.