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Certified ArboristWorking to Improve Tree Health, Beauty & Value‍‍‍
Certified ArboristWorking to Improve Tree Health, Beauty & Value‍‍‍
Certified ArboristWorking to Improve Tree Health, Beauty & Value‍‍‍

Our one-on-one on-site consultations assess your trees and offer thoughtful, unbiased advice to achieve successful management of the resource.

We work with homeowners, municipalities, Departments of Transportation (DOT) and Engineering firms.


Cultural issues are often the primary culprits with tree decline.

A certified consulting arborist can identify the species, it’s potential pathogens, and particular requirements to improve tree vitality.


We are but stewards of the trees on our properties. Tree care is a long-term investment for the benefit of future generations.

A certified consulting arborist can visualize eventual tree form, architecture and site requirements to accommodate growth.


Trees and shrubs are valuable assets.

Whether for insurance purposes or legal conflicts, a certified consulting arborist can assess tree values using accepted industry standards.

Professional Arborist Advice

As a certified consulting arborist, I strive to provide an objective, comprehensive viewpoint that ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees. From a short property walk-through to professional report preparation and expert witness testimony, Gaffin Tree can provide tree assessment, management, and appraisal information as required.

Quality Tree Care

From structural pruning on young trees to prescribing treatments for mature specimens, Gaffin Tree can help manage, maintain, and improve the condition of trees for both residential and commercial properties.

Diagnosis and Treatment

There are many factors that can cause problems in trees. Poor cultural practices, along with insects, disease, and abiotic disorders can individually or collectively cause tree decline. A consulting arborist can diagnose problems and provide the necessary information on treatment options

Affiliations and Certifications


International Society of Arboriculture


American Society of Consulting Arborists


Massachusetts Arborists Association


Tree Care Industry Association

The MAA, ASCA, TCIA and ISA advance the professional practice of arboriculture through tree care education, research support, arborist certification while also promoting of the value of arboriculture to the general public.

Their standards focus on client relationships, competence, impartiality, independence, confidentiality, and objectivity, and their members bring the highest levels of integrity to each assignment they undertake.

These organizations are the authoritative experts on trees, and whose objective, comprehensive viewpoint ensures the safety, health, and preservation of trees.

Members of these organizations are experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated advisors everyone can count on to provide the highest level of arboricultural consulting services and judgments available.

What our customer say

Thank you, Howard! This information is very helpful. We are heading to mediation…

Please be advised that this matter is settled……Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance in this case. Your input was essential in our ability to settle this case in a satisfactory manner.

Thanks again for your prompt response….Owen and I are very satisfied with the thoroughness of your report and the innovative way you illustrated the trees’ location by Google, schematic and photo. We will forward this to the appropriate people to make sure they note the tree roots in a visual way while excavating.

The report is exactly what the Board requires to manage the common land trees in our neighborhood. Thanks for the nice job.

Thank you for your thorough evaluation of my neighbor’s tree….I apologize if you were met with hostility. Others have left the property threatened by law suits. I appreciate your expertise and perseverance.

Thank you very much for your appraisal. I thought you did an excellent job. Both you and John were most kind and professional. I would recommend both of you highly.

Thank you, you did a great job. Please have lunch with your worker on me for having to deal with my upset neighbor. You handled it great and I appreciate that.

It was a pleasure meeting you recently when we reached out to you for inspection and analysis of claimed tree damage, its cause and estimated cost to cure. Your report was very helpful to us in resolving the claim. We and our client appreciate your efforts and quick response. We certainly will call upon you again if we have other cases that require your expertise and possible testimony.

1st of all, thank you for your problems solving and shirt-sleeves-rolled up approach on the town tree.

I just wanted to thank you again for your time and thoughtfulness throughout your deposition today.

I’m compelled to express appreciation for the “Expert Witness” article, March, 2015. Mr. Gaffin has not only written an extremely helpful account–especially the bullet points on court room pointers–but also he has written.  If he ever needs a second profession, he has one, hands down.

Thank you so much for your help. The report is amazing, so comprehensive. I am sure it will be really helpful.

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“When people plant trees under which they may never sit, then you know that civilization has arrived.”

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