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This disease, which is associated with a nematode, arrived in Massachusetts in 2021 and has been proliferating at an alarming rate.

Taking the 10th: The Guide Is Just a Guide, I Guess

The opposing attorney walked to- ward me jauntily. “So, have you heard the one about how many opinions one would receive when em- ploying 10 arborists to appraise a tree?”

Transplanting Triumph

I went around and around the ball until dizzy, loosening the soil and pruning roots as needed. After a ramp was created, I was able to access and cut the bottom of the root ball with the forks.

Tubhubub: Bathing in a Neighboring Beech’s Critical Root Zone

In retrospect, the fact that the client answered the door in a speedo gave credence to the whole case.

Insects Pests to Watch for

The Winter moth is a pesMale winter moth often seen in areas of the North Shore. They will feed on many deciduous hosts, but seem to prefer fruit trees (productive and ornamental) maple, ash and oak.