Client Testimonials

"Howard Gaffin is an expert in his field. He is a top notch arborist and is also willing to listen to the land-owner's desires and is able to cooperate to achieve mutually satisfactory results."

N. Grigg
- Boxford, MA

Tree Removal

A quick search on You-tube will reveal hundreds of examples of how not to cut down a tree. Although the arboriculture profession is one of the most dangerous, there are little to no requirements for companies to be certified in the business of tree removal.

Professional arborists that are members of organizations such as the Tree Care Industry Association, International Society of Arboriculture, or the Massachusetts Arborist Association are the most reliable source for tree work. We have the training, experience, and equipment to provide the safest, most efficient removal techniques, while minimally impacting the landscape.


Removing a red pine.Removing a red pine.

There are many situations when only an experienced tree climber can facilitate a removal.


Aerial Lift

The aerial lift may be the most important tool for the tree care industry, second only to the chainsaw. Trees too difficult or hazardous to access by climbing can be handled efficiently and safely. We can also work with experienced crane operators when those services are required.

Elm tree removal. Base of this tree was retained to build the tree house belowElm tree removal. Base of this tree was retained to build the tree house below.
A crane - the ultimate tree removal machine.A crane - the ultimate tree removal machine. Aerial liftAerial lift.


Tree to Tree House

The bottom 15 feet of the elm tree seen in the photo above was retained to provide a base for this custom tree house, built by the property owner. Many of the materials used to build the house were milled from the tree.

Base of old elm tree retained to build this tree house