Client Testimonials

"Howard Gaffin is an expert in his field. He is a top notch arborist and is also willing to listen to the land-owner's desires and is able to cooperate to achieve mutually satisfactory results."

N. Grigg
- Boxford, MA

Tree Selection & Planting

It is essential that you choose the proper tree for the site. Soil types, sun and wind exposure, and size at maturity are all factors to be considered. Choosing the right species will prevent a host of potential problems in the future. We will guide you in selecting the proper species and size of tree.

We will also select the best tree available to insure proper root formation and tree structure. Poor root structure is all too common on nursery stock. We will take measures to insure proper root formation.

Proper planting is vital to insure a healthy, vigorous tree. We will plant your tree according to the latest industry standards.

Planting Diagram

Planting diagram


  • 2-3"  mulch to dripline of tree
  • No mulch against trunk
  • Root flare visible and above grade
  • Proper, temporary staking
  • Non compacted, native fill soil
  • Hole dug to proper width and depth
  • Ensure no bent, kinked or circling root

Beech Tree Planting

Beech tree being carried by a fork lift.  Beech tree being planted.